For some people it can be useful to work with somebody else. It might be easier or more fun to implement the SMART Goals and CURRICULUM with someone else or in a group. Ideally, you'd want to do this with someone at your BJJ Academy. I would encourage you to find a student with similar skills at your academy and work through both manuals together.


If you can't find someone or want to keep your competitive advantage a secret, join our coaching group and work with like-minded BJJ students here.

Joining the group can have many benefits:

  • It can be more motivating;
  • It gives each person an outside viewpoint;
  • You can share ideas; and
  • It can be more fun.
You will find help in working through the manuals establishing your SMART Goals and personal CURRICULUM. The group will also be there to assist you through the first 30 days of implementing your plans and help you succeed.

Join the Facebook Group to find scheduled Online Group-Coaching events.