The 9 - Week BJJ Motivation and Performance Program

Thinking of taking up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?
Frustrated with your progress?
Ready to quit?
No realistic goals and losing motivation?

This absolutely FREE 9 Week Program will help you set achievable goals, increase your motivation, overcome doubt, and give you every chance of success.


You should consult your medical practitioner before starting this PROGRAM or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. Do not start this program if your medical practitioner advises against it.


As you read through this page, we understand that you will be waiting for us to ask you to buy something. So let us be very clear: at NO POINT will you be asked to enter your credit card information. So read this information carefully, and know that you won't have to pay for anything.



Week 1 - Preparation

  1. JOIN the private FACEBOOK GROUP. Here you will find support from other members and further resources to help you on your journey.
  2. Read and and complete "Using SMART Goals for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu" and "An Evidence-Based Approach to Brazialian Jiu Jitsu for the Total Beginner". You can access and download these for free from the PUBLICATIONS page. Again, if you need help with completing the tasks in these publications or you don't understand certain aspects, ask for help at the Facebook Group.
  3. Visualize your "Wheel of Life Balance". This is important to give you an indication of how much this program impacted on areas other than just fitness and BJJ. Did you improve in areas such as finance, family, social, spiritual, recreation, community, personal, and professional? Download and complete the "Wheel of Life Balance leaflet". It only takes a few minutes to complete.
  4. Find a suitable BJJ Academy. There are some important factors to consider when choosing your BJJ academy. Use this "Find an Academy" template to consider which local academy might suit your needs. Then go to the Facebook Group again and ask for assistance in choosing the right academy. If you've had good or bad experiences this is also the place for you to share them.
  5. Now use the knowledge you have gained from the work above and Plan and Schedule YOUR 9 - WEEK PROGRAM using this template. Then print it out and put it in a prominent place for you to see.
Week 2 to 9 - DOING

Now it's time for DOING. While planning and preparation is important, we find motivation in the doing. We move from visualizing our goals to planning them and then, most importantly, implementing them. From week 2 to 9 you will:

  1. Attend at lease 3 BJJ classes per week;
  2. Perform at least 2 Cardio /HIIT sessions per week;
  3. Perform at least 2 Weight Lifting sessions per week;
  4. Read 1 Motivational BJJ Article per week;
  5. Study your Sequence of the Week (SOW);
  6. Share your progress with the private FACEBOOK group at least once per week; and
  7. Attend at least 1 event either in-person or online per month. These are published on the Facebook and Meetup group.
Week 6

In week 6 you will sign up for a competition. This is where you will test yourself, but setting this date will also keep you motivated to continue with the program. From this week on you will most likely also increase the intensity of your training as you become more conditioned and skilled in BJJ. Go to SMOOTHCOMP to find an event to sign up to. Then share your registration with others in the Facebook group.

Week 9

COMPETE at your chosen tournament and don't forget to report your success to the group. This is where we celebrate your success and the completion of your program.

Hopefully you now worked through the information provided to you on this page. You now know that it is absolute FREE. I encourage you to get started in implementing this program. I know through experience that it will change your life. So get started.